Saša Bajin

A little bit of introduction first: my name is Saša and I simply love everything that's sweet, creamy, sour, crusty and delicate.

My interest in cake making started some time ago in my youth when I still didn't know where or what I'll be doing when I grow up, yet there was something there that made me keep at it and finish school that pointed me at right direction . Although I did finish a Culinary School somehow I always was showing more interest in Pastry than in Cooking. My first cook book was a gift from my parents for my 13th birthday and it was a "Great Book of Cakes", out of it I pulled the nicest looking one and made it, my family named it a "Wheel Cake" because it was hyuuuuge!!!!!! Possibly there was a tad too much baking powder in it, nevertheless everyone was immensely proud of me ;)

I had this dream of going and working on a cruise ship and to start working as a chef, don't know why but the Sea and myself always had this attraction going between us. I finished the Culinary School in 1994 , the same year I went and served army and the next year immediately after the army I started studying at the Culinary College ... never finished it.

Immediately I started working, my first job was in a small restaurant Revanš at Voždovac, after that I started in restaurant Mihajlovac on Banovo brdo, after some great time at the Hyatt Hotel Belgrade and later restaurant Bahus I finally got to go and work on the cruise ship where I had stayed for three and a half years gaining a lot of work experience.

Just a few days after I'd returned from the ship I started working for the "Serbian Royal Family" as their personal Chef , I stayed there for one year gaining an immense experience I will never forget. After that I decided to expand my experience with my six year stay in Australia where I have seen and tasted everything from kangaroo to crocodile. My return from Australia resulted as a culmination of everything that happened to me in my life so far, I wanted to return to my family, on my home turf, to share my experiences with you my present and future customers.

I used my hard work and experience to come up with recipes which, I am convinced, are the best in their own categories thus escalating to a degree where I can proudly say that I can make high quality cakes.

Cheese Cake Shop is my idea how to present You with an assortment of cakes to satisfy every taste from the simplest to the ones a bit more complex with unavoidable Serbian influence. I promise never to put a cheaper product before quality even though these kinds of things seem to happen in some of my favorite shops.

By ordering one of my products you will be getting not only a cake that looks pretty but a lot more, you will get a complete product with a guaranty of quality and more than a competitive price.

Order, taste, and enjoy ... bon appetite.